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Finding healing and acceptance after same-sex love collides with religion

Finding healing and acceptance after same-sex love collides with religion
A devout Catholic family finds healing through the very religious beliefs
that caused a painful rift.

This is a very sad article and maybe the worst part is where the mother of the woman featured says she “is trying to figure out what love is” after rejecting her daughter based on homosexuality. This poor daughter was born into a Catholic family who could not love her unconditionally because of their understanding of the church doctrine. In trying to be good Catholics they have had next to no relationship with their daughter. They have wasted precious years shunning her and her wife, not attending their wedding, not sharing holidays, and causing their daughter great pain and suffering. Their daughter has said she found refuge in her wife’s family who accepted them. I feel very sorry for her parents and her brother the priest who have all rejected this woman and who need to try to learn how to love and accept their own child and sister. I can imagine no greater failure than having my child feel that she has to find refuge in another family. No greater regret than being on my deathbed realizing that I have been careless with my time in this world. To know I have missed opportunities to share joy with my child because I had to wait for the Pope to open my eyes to the fact that perhaps I should love unconditionally. To know that my daughter spent one minute crying and hoping that this might be the year she would be welcome in my house on Christmas. Isn’t this the one thing we should be able to give our children?! Unconditional love. We may come up short in patience, financial abundance, even time. But unconditional love? Who are we kidding to believe that it is in anyone’s best spiritual interest to be shunned by loved ones. Let people be responsible for their own spiritual path. But what you can and should be responsible for without question is loving your children and offering them a safe place in this world where they know true love and acceptance. Do we really need a Pope or anyone else to suggest this?

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