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Attention High School Seniors and Parents-Breathe It Will All Be OK!

gate of college

Ah yes, fall is hereā€”time for beautiful leaves, hot apple cider and college applications. Yikes! It can be a very stressful time for families. In my practice I have seen students and parents in every phase of the… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day! Helpful Lessons From Women I Have Known

Happy Mother's day

I rue the days when I rolled my eyes at my mother for complaining that being a mom was the hardest job of all. How little I understood about the constancy and complexity that the role required. I… Read More

Toddlers Are Not the Only Ones Who Hate Transitions-How to Help

girl covering her face

Is there any worse transition than the month of January? We go from two months (more if you count the time the malls start ramping up) of planning, anticipating and celebrating the holidays to the hell that is… Read More

Parental Involvement is Overrated- Can This Be True?!

family w umbrellas

There was a recent article in the New York Times called Parental Involvement is Overrated which has caused quite a stir in recent weeks. What this article says to me, and the reaction it seems to have provoked,… Read More

Let’s Put The Spanking Issue To Bed

Happy family together, parents celebrating their little child at romantic sunset. Birth, mother, father concepts

I am very surprised that in this day and age with the vast amount of research on this issue that we are still debating the merits of spanking. Last week on Facebook I saw a post that said… Read More

Why Routines Are So Important to Children

children storytime

I had the privilege of working in preschools prior to becoming a therapist as both an assistant teacher and then as a teacher. It was a great education for parenting and my work as a therapist helping other… Read More

Perhaps We Could All Work on Growing Compassion

When my daughter was in preschool the teacher would ask the children to grow patience. I always loved this expression and today I’m wondering if we could all benefit from growing our compassion. I have been shocked and… Read More