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Shrinking With the Stars: Hey Ted Lasso Show, Why is Redemption for Everyone but Marriage Therapists?

First off let me say, there will be spoilers for season 3 of Ted Lasso here and secondly let me say I truly enjoyed the show. Yes there were some uncomfortably overly sweet and sentimental moments, but a… Read More

5 Tips for Fair Fighting

silouette two people

Into every life conflict will arise.  This is the inevitable reality we must all wrap our minds around.  I know we don’t like it.  I know we wish it could be avoided.  People often go to great lengths… Read More

Arguing With Your Partner? How To Take a Break That is Productive

young couple in conflict, male with a tablet in hands

I see so many couples on the right track. They seem to understand that sometimes during an argument it may be a good idea to take a break to avoid further escalation. This is a fine idea but… Read More

Why I Tell Couples… “Go Away!”

No, I’m not trying to show clients my door by telling them to get out but I am trying to tell them to get out of their own front doors and find adventure together. Let’s face it: our… Read More

Little Acts of Kindness Add Up

Happy family, father, mother, son and daughter

http://www.businessinsider.com/lasting-relationships-rely-on-2-traits-2014-11 This is a great relationship article from all places the Business Insider. It talks about some interesting research on what contributes to a couple’s happiness. The good news is you don’t need to buy each other expensive… Read More

Turkey With a Big Side Dish of Family! 3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Sanity

flowers thanksgiving

Ah the holidays! A magical, fun time or a time where everyone loses their minds? Maybe it is both but it most certainly is an opportunity to practice relationship skills. At this most festive time of the year… Read More

Conflict Is Not a Four Letter Word-Tips to Make it Work For You

Bad relationship, low passion.

No one likes conflict but some people go to wild extremes to avoid anything that even resembles conflict. As a result I usually see people struggling in one of two ways around this issue.  Some people are explosive–often in… Read More

What to Expect From your Partner and Yes, Yourself When You Start Couples Counseling

A man is having an argument with his girlfriend while sitting on a couch

My last post talked about what to expect from your therapist when you begin couples counseling and now I would like to address the equally important topic of what you and your partner should be willing to do… Read More

The Article “6 Reasons Marriage Counseling is BS” is…BS!

Rear View Senior Couple Sitting On Park Bench Embracing

Nothing like getting fired up on a Monday morning. I read a miserable article yesterday by an author who wrote a book called “The Surrendered Wife” saying that marriage counseling did her marriage more harm than good and… Read More


couple sitting on beach chairs

Seeking out help for their relationship can be a daunting and uncomfortable task for couples to contemplate, let alone begin. For some, sharing innermost personal struggles with a stranger may feel like an invasion of privacy and therefore… Read More